From Failure…to Focus


In 2008, I started the year in sheer anxiety.

I had a small wellness business in downtown Herndon Virginia, was working six days a week, sometimes seven, poor sleep, missing family activities, and worried all the time. To top it off I was not paying myself, but was paying my staff so that we can keep offering the services that we had been offering for years.Since it was January it was a time for renewal. And I made a great decision to get out of the business. That’s an interesting story but not the purpose of this particular message.

Once extracted myself from the business, and sold the assets for pennies on the dollar, I came home fumbled, humiliated, and exhausted. It was during this dark time that I resurrected my relationship and recommitted to honoring God by building a renewed relationship with our Lord. I read an excellent book called “Experiencing God”. This was a turning point for me realizing that it was time for me to let go and let God work through me. So I prayed and I waited and I became curious. What the Lord have in mind for me? How would he use my experience in executive coaching, corporate marketing, small business owner, net-worker extraordinaire, and all the energy that I had pent up and ready to reengage with the world?

It all became clear the day I was introduced to Truth@Work. I am thrilled to be a part of this growing organization, and to offer my skills as a facilitator and coach to Christian business owners who choose to practice their Christian faith in the way that they run their businesses. I pray that you and I will  have a conversation about this offering so that we can see whether or not it is a fit for you. After you explore these few pages on this small website I hope you will give me a call at 571.266.7600.