About Truth@Work Roundtables

CEO Roundtables for Christian Business Owners
A Half-day Monthly Membership Service Led by a Trained Facilitator and Executive Coach

“A Life & Business Changing Experience”

Our Vision: To become the world’s leading resource for Christian business owners and leaders to become equipped to be “salt & light” in the marketplace and at home.
Our Mission: To provide our Members with a “Life & Business Changing Experience”
Our Efforts:
Through several specific initiatives, such as, seminars, roundtable discussion groups, programs, products, services and content site we help Christian business leaders integrate their faith into the marketplace. We help them understand that they are not alone in running their business. We teach them how to grow and lead their business based on Biblical principles and practices, which brings exponential value to their business and personal life.
The Truth@Work Christian Roundtable Group program launched in 2000 and over the last decade has helped hundreds of Christian business leaders. The Roundtable features a structured and proven curriculum. The format addresses the real and relevant issues and challenges of today’s marketplace.

In a half day monthly format, members of the Roundtable share “best practices” utilized by other expert members and leaders, providing participants with tremendous business value. Members challenge each other in how to integrate their Christian faith in and through every aspect of conducting business each day, applying Sunday values to “Monday through Friday.”

We are helping business leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and executives be the gifted leaders that God has created them to be. We are helping business leaders build better businesses and improve their lives professionally, personally and spiritually.Truth@Work brings all areas of life together.

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