Monthly Meeting Structure

Imagine how helpful it would be for your business to have a Christian “board of advisers” to guide you. Members of the T@W Roundtable save a considerable amount of time and dollars because of this adviser format. Consider how valuable it would be to meet each month with a group of Christian marketplace peers where you would:

  • Enjoy a safe, confidential, and non- judgmental place to share your greatest business and personal concerns
  • Exchange practical ideas and solutions that consistently bring exponential value and return to your business/organization
  • Experience a COMMUNITY of people who truly “get it”- because they REALLY understand what you are going through
  • Study a proven curriculum featuring “Best Practices” that address a wide variety of topics facing today’s business leaders such as hiring, firing, marketing, cash flow, and leadership
  • Learn how to apply Biblical principles and practices when dealing with employees, customers, vendors and competitors
  • Accomplish unparalleled success by hitting your business, personal, and spiritual goals each month, thus experiencing incredible “life balance”
  • Be held accountable to balance the business, personal, and spiritual areas of your life
A Typical Meeting Agenda (4 Hour Format)


Biblical Lesson – Each month members review one of the biblical lessons provided through our portal. This work is prepared in advance of the meeting so the discussion begins right away.


Featured Business Presentation - One member offers in depth report on the status of their business. They receive innovative counsel, non-judgmental advice, and feedback on key issues, challenges, and opportunities.Open


Roundtable Discussion - This is the time to share and learn best practices that will help you grow and lead your business. Members also receive input on addressing key issues, challenges, and opportunities they are facing.


Personal Accountability/Business Planning – Each month participants are required to complete a personal and business assessment. They establish goals and commitments in all key areas of life: business, personal, family and spiritual. These are recorded in the portal, and reviewed at each meeting. They are held accountable by the group to accomplish them.


Prayer – Participants can share personal and/or business issues. They pray for and with one another.
Truth@Work understands that you need a place to get recharged, redirected and refocused.


The average monthly membership fee is $350 per month. This gives you access to the portal and helps cover the costs and fees for the Chapter President. Your specific fee will be discussed in the qualifying interview.
Do you need a safe and confidential place to talk about your personal and business challenges? A place where you can get real answers to real problems? Do you need the kind of place where you are not expected to always be the leader or to have all the answers, a place where it is okay to just be a friend and peer? if so, come to Truth@Work and find this place. Call Freddi Donner at 571.266.7600 to find out when and where you can experience this powerful place.