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Yesterday was such a joy for me. I feel so happy and I am blessed to have you and our group supporting me; the past six months have really been life changing for me – I was completely truthful when I said that I am now spending more time looking up than looking down!
~ Christine J.

Let the voice of our members share what it is truly like to be a part of this experience. What Some Members Have To Say About Truth@Work has been a real blessing to me. I expected it would help me live out my faith in the workplace better which it has but the most pleasant surprise is that it has actually helped make my business better. Another great benefit of this program is that it has helped me in my relationship with my wife. Even during these tough economic times, this has been more than worthwhile. After only three roundtable meetings, Truth@Work has truly been invaluable to me and I will recommend it to anyone!
~ Lynn Fruth, The Danberry Company

My Truth@Work group has really helped me, not just in the business arena, but at home as well. With their input and help, I have realized in a real and tangible way that my actions need to match my words…that I need to put my wife and family first and not just talk about it or promote it to others. It has also helped me by actually forcing me to set goals and to follow thru with them. T@W is something that I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking for honest feedback, encouragement and support in growing their business as well as their personal and spiritual lives.
~ Mike Fischer, Fischer Tool
I have to say that joining Truth@Work is probably the best choice I have ever made. In just my first six months it has truly exceeded my expectations. Because of my involvement I feel connected with other leaders and I know I have a group of people who truly care for me and are willing to give me godly counsel. I have also been very encouraged and it has helped me to become more Christ-centered in every area of my life for which I am very grateful.
~ Mike Bostdor, J & R Contracting Company
Becoming a member of Truth@Work is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The lessons I’ve learned from others in my group and from situations that they face have been a huge benefit to me. In addition, because of the strong accountability, I have done things that I know I would not have done otherwise. As a result of Truth@Work, I have really grown professionally, personally and spiritually.
~ Matt Aston, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems
Truth@Work has had a meaningful impact on me and my family. Not only has it assisted me in my business and the way I lead my company, it has also benefited me at home, especially in my marriage. This has been accomplished through the sharing of knowledge and biblical principles combined with true accountability.
~ Darren Munn, Munn Wealth Management
Truth@Work has been the best investment I have made in my life for my personal and professional development, bar none.
~ Dan Rogers, Cherry Street Mission
Truth at Work is an accountability and personal growth strategy that actually works. The growth I have seen in the personal and professional lives of the other group members and myself in the past year is compelling. The friends I have encouraged to join have repeatedly thanked me because the T@W dynamic is transformational.
~ Jim Oedy, Genesis Retirement Village

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