Upcoming Info Sessions



Please join us at America’s Best Hope. Click here for more information.

Please come hear about Truth@Work at our “Next Preview” or set up a 1-1 meeting with Freddi Donner via email freddi@businessstamina.com.

You can learn more over a cup of coffee with me. We can meet at your preferred time and one of the hundreds of coffee shops in and around Northern Virginia. Panera is a good bet. Call 571.266.7600 to set up your appointment. All complimentary.

Live Events

After attending the Private Briefing, Webinar or other information session, you will be asked to indicate your level of interest in membership. If you are interested, we will set up a qualifying interview. This 30 – 45 minute structured qualification interview usually occurs within one week of the Truth@Work Private Briefing/Trial Roundtable Meeting. This interview is designed to determine if the program is right for you and to evaluate if you qualify for participation. If we agree it is a right fit, you will be scheduled to participate in a Truth@Work Christian Business Roundtable Group, based on your location and timing.